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DLR 2021
Helaas kan de DLR in februari 2021 geen doorgang vinden i.v.m. COVID-19. We hopen elkaar in 2022 weer in Spier te kunnen treffen.

NVH congresagenda

Op 29 september, 12 november en 9 december kunt u deelnemen aan DDD-online. Daarin ook bijdragen vanuit de NVH. Inschrijven via



S.S. Koets-Shajari
Novel Strategies targeting hepatic stellate cells to re-verse liver fibrosis

Groningen, 25/11/2020

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R.C. Oey
Studies in advanced chronic liver disease

Rotterdam, 21/10/2020

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S. Pape
Optimizing treatment strategies in autoimmune hepatitis

Nijmegen, 16/10/2020

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Y. de Vries
Transplantation of High Risk Donor Livers Machine Perfusion Studies To Improve and Predict Post Transplant Hepatobiliary Function

Groningen, 14/10/2020

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T. Labeur
Predicting outcomes and personalizing treatment in hepatocellular carcinoma

Amsterdam, 30/09/2020

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L. Alferink
Liver health in the general population: the role of diet, body composition and the gut microbiome

Rotterdam, 25/09/2020

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T. Damba
The role of the gaseous signaling molecule hydrogen sul-fide in chronic liver disease with Special emphasis on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Groningen, 07/09/2020

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E.S. de Vries
Fibrosing cholangiopathies: Insights in clinical aspects and novel therapeutic approaches

Amsterdam, 30/06/2020

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M. Appelman
Molecular insight into the bile acid transporter NTCP

Amsterdam, 07/05/2020

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D.A. Afsharzadeh
Decoding therapeutic roles of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells and their extracellular vesi-cles in liver disease

Groningen, 06/04/2020

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M.H. Harms
Prognosis and Treatment of Primary Biliary Cholangitis – a new name, a new era

Rotterdam, 10/01/2020

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A. Matton
Machine Perfusion of Human Donor Livers with a Focus on the Biliary Tree

Groningen, 11/12/2019

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J.M. Donkers
Targeting hepatic bile salt uptake to treat obesity-related metabolic disorders

Amsterdam, 06/12/2019

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R.L.P. Roscam Abbing
Modulation of hepatic bile salt uptake: Potential thera-peutic applications

Amsterdam, 11/10/2019

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A.J. Klompenhouwer
Benign Liver Tumors - From diagnosis to prognosis

Rotterdam, 09/10/2019

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A.A.A. Adam
The Role of Mitochondria in Human Liver Cell Line Differentiation for Bioartificial Livers

Amsterdam, 04/10/2019

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L.W.E. van der Schoor
Treatment of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia – Phototherapy and Beyond”.

Groningen, 23/09/2019

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A. Saeed
Disturbed vitamin A metabolism in chronic liver disease and relevance for therapy

Groningen, 02/07/2019

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D. Slijepcevic
Hepatic bile salt uptake: the role of NTCP revisited

Amsterdam, 10/05/2019

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I.D. Munsterman
Evaluation of extra-hepatic risk factors for severe liver disease

Nijmegen, 22/03/2019

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H. Chi
Modification of nucleos(t)ide analogue treatment in chronic hepatitis B

Rotterdam, 27/02/2019

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R. van Dijk
Advanced treatment of severe hyperbilirbinemia and cholestasis

Amsterdam, 15/02/2019

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J.C. Chang
Thesis Title: Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase — A regulator of intrinsic cellular functions

Amsterdam, 21/12/2018

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M.J.H. van Campenhout
Response Prediction in Modified Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B

Rotterdam, 30/11/2018

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G. Zhou
Regulation of intra-tumoral T cell immunity in liver cancer’

Rotteram, 04/07/2018

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A.C. den Dulk
Biliary Strictures after Liver Transplantion, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcome

Leiden, 13/06/2018

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E. Wills
Modelling molecular mechanisms of polycystic liver disease

Nijmegen, 20/04/2018

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M. van Wenum
Preclinical development of the AMC bioartificial liver

Amsterdam, 19/04/2018

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T. Houben
Lysosomes 'in control': where lipids meet inflammation in metabolic syndrome

Maastricht, 18/01/2018

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M.D.B. van de Garde
Mouse Models for the Study of Viral Hepatitis (intra)cellular innate immunity

Rotterdam, 17/01/2018

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L. Koning
Clinical and therapeutic aspects of viral hepatitis: exploring the role of ribavirin

Rotterdam, 19/12/2017

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H. Kruitwagen
Growth factors and hepatic progenitor cells in liver regeneration - translating bench to bedside

Utrecht, 14/12/2017

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S. Willemse
Clinical Studies on Hepatitis B, C, and E Virus Infection

Amsterdam, 13/12/2017

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E.J. Smolders
"A pharmacist’s contribution to eradicate hepatitis C"

Nijmegen, 01/12/2017

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F. Stelma
Immune responses in hepatitis B and C virus infection

Amsterdam, 30/11/2017

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A.R. Bolier
The role of autotaxin in cholestatic pruritus

Amsterdam, 04/07/2017

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M.H. van der Ree
MicroRNA's in chronic hepatitis B and C virus infection

Amsterdam, 29/06/2017

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M.K. Neijenhuis
Patient-reported health in polycystic liver disease

Nijmegen, 31/05/2017

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S. Zweers
Fibroblast Growth Factor 19 and Interleukin-8 in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis - New insights sprouting from the inflamed biliary tree

Amsterdam, 19/05/2017

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J.B.W. Potze
Hemostasis and anticoagulant therapy in liver diseases

Groningen, 24/04/2017

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Y.S. de Boer
Immunogenetic and clinical aspects of autoimmune hepatitis

Amsterdam, 19/04/2017

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V.A. van der Mark
ATP8B1 and cellular trafficking

Amsterdam, 11/04/2017

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A.J.C. Kerbert
Risk stratification in cirrhosis and acute-on-chronic liver failure: exploration of invasive and non-invasive prognostic markers

Leiden, 15/03/2017

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M.L.J. Jeurissen
The entanglement of NASH and Atherosclerosis – Shared features of a macrophage-specific response

Maastricht, 12/01/2017

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E. van der Aa
BDCA3+ Dendritic Cells and Their Function in Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Rotterdam, 10/01/2017

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M.A. Lantinga
Diagnosis and Management of Hepatic and Renal Cyst Infection

Nijmegen, 06/12/2016

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R. Maan
Antiviral therapy for chronic HCV infection - Tolerability and outcome

Rotterdam, 23/11/2016

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C.J. Verhoeven
Biomarkers to assess graft quality in liver transplantation

Rotterdam, 26/10/2016

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S. van Meer
Hepatocelluar carcinoma: Risk groups, surveillance and outcome

Utrecht, 04/10/2016

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E.P.C. Plompen
Thrombophilia and genetics in liver disease

Rotterdam, 18/02/2016

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B.E. Verstrepen
Chronic hepatitis C virus infection in chimpanzees: prevention and consequences

Rotterdam, 18/02/2016

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S.M.A. Walenbergh
Storage solutions: novel ways for the detection and inhibition of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

Maastricht, 29/01/2016

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W. van der Woerd
ATP8B1 deficiency; steps towards personalized therapy

Amsterdam, 27/11/2015

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Marije Boesjes
Novel insight into FXR actions in liver and intestine’

Groningen, 04/11/2015

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W.P. Brouwer
Individualized management of patients with chronic hepatitis B

Rotterdam, 16/10/2015

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Hille Fieten
Copper-associated hepatitis in the Labrador retriever: Diagnosis, Treatment and Genetics

Utrecht, 11/06/2015

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Nicole M.F. van Gerven
Autoimmune hepatitis in The Netherlands: Epidemiological and clinical aspects

Amsterdam, 29/05/2015

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Nicole M.F. van Gerven
Autoimmune hepatitis in the Netherlands: Epidemiological and clinical aspects’

Amsterdam, 29/05/2015

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Nanda Gruben
Revisiting the roles of hepatic inflammation and adipokines in metabolic disease

Groningen, 13/05/2015

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Lucas Maillette de Buy Wenniger
The biliary tree in health and immune-mediated disease

Amsterdam, 27/03/2015

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T. Hendrikx
Intracellular traffic jam: cholesterol accumulation as cause for chronic inflammatory diseases

Maastricht, 06/02/2015

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Fareeba Sheedfar
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: understanding the role of aging, fatty acid transporter and epigenetics

Groningen, 12/01/2015

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Angela S.W. Tjon
New perspectives in immunomodulating mechanisms of Intravenous Immunoglobulins: towards safer immunosuppression after liver transplantation

Rotterdam, 19/11/2014

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A.J.P. van der Meer
Antiviral therapy for chronic HCV infection: virological response and long-term outcome

Rotterdam, 24/09/2014

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Pauline Arends
Chronic Hepatitis B infection: new insights in therapy and predictors of response

Rotterdam, 24/09/2014

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E.E. Filali
Mice with humanized liver endothelium

Amsterdam, 24/09/2014

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C.L. Slim
De gepolariseerde architectuur van hepatocyten: regulatie door intrinsieke en extrinsieke factoren

Groningen, 03/09/2014

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Anne (J.P.) Cremers
Pharmacotherapeutic options in sarcoidosis: how can we improve them?

Maastricht, 26/06/2014

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Marjolein H. Tiebosch
Antioxidant adaptations in liver fibrogenesis

Groningen, 16/04/2014

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A.B. Schreuder
Diagnosis and treatment of unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia: experimental and clinical aspects

Groningen, 12/02/2014

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A.U. Rehman
ABC transporters as therapeutic targets for liver fibrosis

Groningen, 06/01/2014

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L.G. Vlerken
Antiviral treatment for chronic hepatits C. Prediction of treatment response and side effects

Utrecht, 21/11/2013

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C. Kunne
Mouse Models of cholestatic liver disease; pfic revisited

Amsterdam, 15/11/2013

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S. op den Dries
Bile duct injury in liver transplantation: studies on etiology and the protective role of machine perfusion

Groningen, 13/11/2013

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M.O. Hoeke
The role of vitamin A in bile acid synthesis and transport; and the relevance for cholestatic liver disease

Groningen, 28/10/2013

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M. Chrispijn
Phenotype and treatment of polycystic liver disease: where hepatology meets radiology

Nijmegen, 18/10/2013

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S.M.G. Fouraschen
Liver regeneration after resection and transplantation; mechanisms and therapeutic strategies

Rotterdam, 26/09/2013

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E.M. Koehler
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: from patient to population

Rotterdam, 21/06/2013

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D.M. Hotho
Chronic hepatitis C: clinical and societal evaluations

Rotterdam, 21/06/2013

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P. Boor
Regulation of immunity by dendritic cells in the setting of liver transplantation

Rotterdam, 24/04/2013

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M.J. Sonneveld
Host and viral predictors of response to antiviral therapy in chronic hepatitis B

Rotterdam, 19/04/2013

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M.J. Janssen
The molecular mechanism behind polycystic liver disease. And the allele that went missing…

Nijmegen, 20/03/2013

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A. Sokolović
Pathogenesis and reversal of liver fibrosis, effects of genes and environment

Amsterdam, 28/02/2013

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R. Zoutendijk
Long-term Clinical Outcome of Antiviral Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis B

Rotterdam, 21/12/2012

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G. Nibourg
Human liver cell lines for the AMC-bioartificial liver

Amsterdam, 23/11/2012

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G. Bezemer
Neuropsychiatric and other side effects of Peginterferon-based therapy of chronic hepatitis C

Rotterdam, 20/06/2012

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P. de Sousa Montenegro Miranda
Gene Therapy with Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors for Inherited Hyperbilirubinemia: Towards a Clinical Trial for Crigler-Najjar Syndrome

Amsterdam, 09/05/2012

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G. Karimian
Signal transduction pathways in hepatocyte cell death: New targets for therapy

Groningen, 07/05/2012

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F. Falix
DLK1 and the Notch pathway in the liver

Amsterdam, 23/02/2012

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Q. Pan
Novel Anti-viral Strategies for Hepatitis C

Rotterdam, 22/02/2012

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A. Laskewitz
Getting grip on glucocorticoid-induced metabolic derangements

Groningen, 08/02/2012

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D.R. de Waart
Basolateral and apical ABC transporters in liver and intestine

Amsterdam, 22/12/2011

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F. Cuperus
Novel treatment strategies for unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia

Groningen, 07/12/2011

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M.A.A. Claassen
The impact of negative regulation on T cell immunity during chronic hepatitis C virus infections

Rotterdam, 07/12/2011

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V. Moroso
Hepatic NK cells in liver transplantation

Rotterdam, 07/12/2011

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J.F. Bergmann
Evolving drug therapies for chronic hepatitis C

Rotterdam, 23/11/2011

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R. Roomer
Optimizing Interferon Alfa Based Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis C

Rotterdam, 23/11/2011

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B. Liu
Function of Monocytes in Chronic HCV Infection: Role for IL-10 and Interferon

Rotterdam, 16/11/2011

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B.A. Schotanus
The hepatic progenitor cell niche in man and dog

Utrecht, 08/11/2011

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V. Rijckborst
Prediction of response to immune modifying therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis B using hepatitis B surface antigen levels

Rotterdam, 23/06/2011

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J.H.M. Stroeve
The Role of the Farnesoid X Receptor in Metablic Control

Groningen, 20/04/2011

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W.I.M. Vonk
Understanding COMMD1 function: Novel perspectives from in vitro and in vivo studies

Utrecht, 17/03/2011

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J. Hoekstra
Etiology and Clinical Outcome of Budd-Chiari Syndrome and Portal Vein Thrombosis

Rotterdam, 17/12/2010

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