Gastrostart Foundation

Gastrostart Fund
Gastrostart offers a maximum start-up grant of € 10,000. The grant is intended for preliminary, innovative research in the area of gastroenterology-hepatology. It is only available to members (project leaders or main applicants) of the NVGE or NASL. If no start-up element is involved, then it would be pointless to submit an application. Applicants will be asked to comment specifically on the innovative nature of the project, as well as on the risks involved (reasons why the research would not be likely to obtain support from other funding bodies).

The grant is intended to enable researchers to carry out preliminary research, or to bring techniques to operational maturity, to provide the basis for a well-substantiated application for grant support to be submitted to the Stomach, Liver and Colon Foundation (SLCF) or another funding body. Grant support is not available for research carried out abroad or for internships outside the Netherlands.

All applications are assessed by the Gastrostart Committee. Where necessary, external experts are consulted. Within one year of being awarded grant support, applicants are required to submit a written report to the Gastrostart Committee on the course of the study or on the results obtained, as the case may be.

There are three funding rounds each year. The closing dates are: 1 January, 15 May and 1 September.

Gastrostart Committee
Ms. J.M. van Aalst-Gies
P.O. Box 657
2003 RR Haarlem
The Netherlands
telephone +31 (0)23 – 5513016

You can download the Gastrostart grant application form from (external link). The application must be submitted digitally (including digital signature) to

The projects listed in the document below have been approved and have received a grant from the fund.
Gastrostart grants allocated since (the restart in) 2004