Internship grant

Guidelines for NASL internship grant

The NASL provides subsidies to basic/translational/clinical researchers for research internships outside the Netherlands. It is important for interns to demonstrate that they will be bringing additional hepatological expertise back with them when they return to the Netherlands. The researcher will be asked to summarize their research on a single sheet of A4, setting out clear objectives that can be verified retrospectively. If the internship also has the objective of setting up an international research partnership, the researcher will also be asked to give details of specific targets.

The internship must meet the following criteria:

1. The internship focuses specifically on the science of the liver.
2. The internship takes place outside the Netherlands, at a prominent institution/research department where liver research is a key focus.
3. The applicant has been a member of the NASL for two years or more.
4. Individuals can submit applications within five years after obtaining their Master’s degree.
5. The NASL will reimburse €250 per month, up to a maximum of €1,500 (six months).
6. Sponsorship will only be provided to interns if the current NASL budget permits.
7. Upon completion of the internship, beneficiaries are expected to publish a brief account of their results in ‘LEVER’, the Association’s journal.