Travel grants

NASL travel grants
NASL members can apply directly to the NASL for a travel grant, with immediate effect. Details of the conditions involved are set out below.
→ Download Travel grant application form

Please send completed application forms to:
NASL secretarial office
P.O. Box 657
2003 RR Haarlem
The Netherlands

Travel grants are awarded subject to the following conditions:

  • The travel grants are exclusively intended for those who have been members of the Netherlands Association for the Study of the Liver for at least one year (as calculated from the date of accession, during the members’ meeting). Medical specialists and researchers with a permanent contract are excluded.
  • The travel grants are intended for clinicians and researchers in gastroenterological or hepatological fields.
  • Applications for travel grants can only be submitted in connection with major international gastroenterology conferences or symposia that are being held outside the Netherlands. The maximum amount is €500, for conferences elsewhere in Europe or beyond. While additional funding from other sources is permitted, applicants are asked to declare that the travel grant will indeed be used for the purpose of travelling to the conference in question!
  • Members will only be eligible for a travel grant if they are making an active contribution (in the form of a poster presentation or lecture) to the conference or symposium in question. The abstract involved should be submitted to the Netherlands Society of Gastroenterology or the Netherlands Association for the Study of the Liver for presentation during one of its Spring or Autumn meetings.
  • No more than one travel grant will be provided to each member during their period of membership. Per abstract, a travel grant will only be made available to a single author, on a single occasion.
  • If an individual cancels their travel arrangements, due to force majeure or illness, the Association has the right to recover the amount of the travel grant. In view of past experiences, the Board strongly recommends that you take out cancellation insurance.

Travel grant application procedure
If you meet the above conditions, send a completed travel grant application form, together with a copy of the submitted abstract, directly to the NASL’s secretarial office. You should do so six weeks before the start of the conference in question.

If the abstract has been approved, send a copy of the ‘letter of acceptance’ together with a reference to the application submitted. This copy must be received by the secretarial office no later than three weeks before the start of the conference. In general, if you do not meet the above conditions, the travel grant will not be paid.

Additional provision for NASL clinicians and all basic research scientists
Following the establishment of the Dutch Experimental Gastroenterology and Hepatology (DEGH) meeting in Veldhoven, it is no longer possible to submit clinical hepatological abstracts for the Spring meeting. This may mean that no applications for travel grants can be accepted for the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), for example, because, strictly speaking, it would not be possible to meet the requirement that material be submitted for presentation at the scientific meeting of the NSGE.
The same applies to basic research scientists who wish to visit the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) or the EASL, but who cannot submit their abstract prior to the Autumn meeting, as only clinical abstracts may be submitted for that event.
To overcome this problem, it has been decided that applications for a travel grant to the conference in question may be submitted in advance (by means of the usual application form and accompanied by a copy of the abstract that has been submitted to conference in question), along with an undertaking that this will be submitted to the next NSGE meeting. Depending on whether you meet the other conditions, you can then receive a provisional commitment from the NASL. Once you have actually sent in the abstract (from mid-May for the Autumn meeting and from 1 November for the Spring meeting, via, you can claim the amount due from the travel grant.

Accordingly, the travel expenses must be paid in advance by the applicants themselves, or by their supervisors.
Please note that applications for a travel grant must be sent in to the NASL’s secretarial office in advance. For further information, please call the secretarial office in Haarlem (+31 (0)23 – 5513016).